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Bringing current affairs into the classroom


Social Studies curriculum spans across the primary and secondary school levels. The syllabus aims to prepare your child to become perfectly competent citizens of Singapore and understand the way our society works, teaching historical lessons and helping your child learn the hardships that have built Singapore up.

While social studies is seen as a recreational subject in primary schools, it is significant in the secondary years. Notably, it is compulsory to take up social studies along with either history or geography in order to pass the GCE O-levels.

Social Studies is a compulsory subject as policymakers believe that it has the potential to transform our students into informed, concerned and participative citizens. These are progressive outcomes and even though the second and third goals (concerned and participative citizens) will probably not be achieved for most 16-year olds, every student must at least be an informed citizen when they step into the exam hall if they harbour any wish of doing well in this subject.

Do take note that current affairs can be tested in the new syllabus and that is how students will be moulded into informed (hopefully also concerned and participative) citizens. This can be scary or delightful for students, depending on what they have been doing all along. To the group of students who have been keeping their eyes and ears peeled to the developments in society, they will find Social Studies a walk in the park and rightfully so since they are being rewarded for what they are doing. For the students who are not naturally inclined to find out what is going on around them, this subject can be a source of fear as they will probably be ill-prepared when it comes to dynamic content.

Main skills that the syllabus demands from students are as per follows:

  • How to Learn Writing Skills to tackle your Structured Essay Questions (SEQ)

  • Evaluating and Interpreting Information Through Making References

  • Analysing Evidence

  • Comparing & Contrasting Views

  • Drawing Well-Reasoned and Substantiated Conclusions

  • Identifying Unique Connections among Ideas

  • Suggesting Insightful Approaches to Questions & Issues

  • To Acquire, Manage and Use Information Creatively & Effectively

  • Cross Referencing Skills for Source Based Questions (SBQ)

  • Analysing a Source for Bias and Purpose

  • To Envisage Possible and Preferred Futures

  • Evaluating Alternatives

Usefulness of social studies in my child's life

Not only does it enable your child to have a wider knowledge on the history of things and make informed opinion on events and conflicts throughout history, it also ensures that your child will grow up to be more empathetic and more understanding to the world around him or her. At the core of the Singapore Social Studies (SS) curriculum, its underlying purpose is to prepare our children to become proud citizens of the future.

It prepares students as the citizens of tomorrow by introducing them to the constitution, society, culture, politics and economics of Singapore, as well as the matters around the world. Besides that, the subject helps them to get relevant knowledge and understanding to deal with the real-world issues that concern their lives.

Social studies aims to spark the curiosity and inquisitiveness or our children into contemporary real-life problems that we face. By aiming to arouse a sense of curiosity and an ever inquisitive mind, our children would then be able to deal with daily problems with that critical thinking, better enabling them to assimilate into society and bear the responsibilities of adulthood.

Additionally, by creating an authentic learning experiences, SS ingrains into students a human understanding, a moral fabric, a responsibility towards society. Through the very authentic experiences that one has from Social Studies, students would build their moral gumption and develop a sense of moral compass and responsibility in life.

How will tuition help better my child's grades?

Parents are often delusional when they think that their child need only perform well in their core humanities such as history or geography, but in view of this lies the problem.

If you’re planning to take a combined humanity, social studies play an equally important role in deciding how much marks you’re able to score with the other half of your subject. Despite this fact, many students don’t seem to allocate the same amount of time when it comes to studying their other half of the subject, in turn neglecting their social studies tuition.

It is thus imperative that students focus on social studies tuition equally hard and put in effort to understand the subject. Hiring a social studies tutor to teach how to score well in the examinations is smarter than instead of putting 90% of their efforts in geography studies and relying on a 10% effort in social studies. A proficient social studies tutor is not just familiar with the curriculum and abreast on the latest issues surrounding our society, but will also possess excellent teaching skills to come up with effective social studies lesson plans and courses.

As such, we urge your kids to focus the same amount of time on their social studies tuition and put in the necessary hours to study the subject. With a social studies tutor, your kid would be taught how to effectively manage his time, and get some tips on how to better spend their efforts when it comes to their combined humanities. With a competent and reliable humanities tutor, your child is all set to do well in his or her O level examinations.

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