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How is secondary school different from primary school?

In a nutshell, the content load will get much heavier, with students having to take up to 8 subjects, up from only 4 subjects in primary school. Lower secondary will be similar for most students. Come upper secondary, students are given the option to choose their subject combination, which can enable your child to have some flexibility and choice in what they wish to study, all while playing to your child's strengths!

Secondary School is a very memorable phase of life that many of us can relate to. Many of us found some of our lifelong friends during this period, and it was a phase where we were learning more about ourselves and trying to find our personal identity, which often led to mischievous and stupid acts being performed. Your children will spend much of their adolescent years here, where much of their character and core values are developed. Coincidentally, it is also in secondary school where we take the O levels examinations that will determine your child's post secondary education: Junior College, Polytechnics or ITE.

Singapore has an extremely demanding, yet competent education system, consistently ranking among the top three countries in the world as per various global education surveys. Difficulty of the curriculum has been increasing year by year. For instance, for E-Math, a grade of about 90/100 is required in order to attain an A1 due to such a steep bell curve. Hence it is inevitable that our teenagers often struggle to cope with the pressure to perform well.

Whatever tuition needs or wants you require for your child, Astar Tutors is here to provide the very best that your child deserves. One to one home tuition, customizable lesson plans to evoke interest, and dedicated attention to your child means that some things could be achieved at home that could never be achieved in the environment of a classroom! We’re a reputed brand in the field of tuition education with thousands (yes thousands!) of reputable tutors for you to choose from, dedicated to provide affordable tuition at the snap of the finger, bundling convenience and efficiency all in one!

Why Private Secondary Tuition Over Tuition Centres?

Many parents do see the need for tuition given the demanding tasks ahead of their child. Many are stuck considering between a good tuition centre or a private home tutor. Here are some strong facts to help you decide!

1. Accelerate your child’s grades for their upcoming examinations

The pace of learning is much faster in secondary school, with a much higher demand due to the sheer amount of subjects they have to take. This calls for students to utilize their time efficiently. A personalized tutor will greatly aid in this regard. They can complement your child's learning efforts by leveraging their experience to help your child grasp concepts faster and keep a lookout for commonly made mistakes.

2. Secondary students are more independent learners, simply requiring some guidance.

What they need is the individual attention and guidance, and that will not be possible in a traditional classroom environment, no matter how good or effective the teacher is. Hence, many students often take the initiative to engage a private secondary school tutor, as a means to increase their learning potential and hone their exam skills. This is a development from primary school, where your child may require a higher degree of supervision and punishment to keep them on the right track.

​3.Non-academic benefits

A child will often reach their peak learning potential at ages 12-16. A home tutor will provide your child with fresh perspectives and unique ways of approaching various questions, all while inculcating critical thinking skills crucial for an active social citizen, enabling them to take away lifelong skills.

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