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The all important first step in your child's education.

The importance of primary school

For most children, primary school is their very first exposure to the Singapore education system. Almost all Singaporean children will go through the full 6 years, regardless of academic capability. As a parent, it may be tempting to do everything in your power to ensure your child gets the very best education, and all the help he/she can get, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Here at Astar Tutors, we are committed to providing the best tuition experience for your child at affordable prices.

Singapore has an extremely demanding, yet competent education system, consistently ranking among the top three countries in the world as per various global education surveys. Education in Singapore begins at an age as early as 6, and since it is compulsory, most kids in Singapore get their first taste of the 12-year long education journey. This is also where the foundation of their education, learning habits and styles are based on. Thus, a good foundation will be extremely helpful in helping your kid progress up the education level with minimum difficulty. These 6 years will be instrumental in determining whether a child’s education journey is one that is long and arduous or one that is enriching, fun and exciting.

It is no surprise that many parents often engage primary school tutors. The nature f the education Singapore means that even though your child is in good hands academically speaking compared to the rest of the world, they will also be subjected to high levels of stress, with the need to juggle several commitments. Imagine a 7-10-year-old child being required to study four different subjects while being committed to CCAs, community involvement projects (CIPs), social relationships, and more. All this could prove harmful to the overall well-being of your child. A competent and reliable primary school tutor will go a long way in aiding your child in all aspects of his/her early academic life.

What tuition options are available?

Whatever tuition needs or wants you require for your child, Astar Tutors is here to provide the very best that your child deserves. One to one home tuition, customizable lesson plans to evoke interest, and dedicated attention to your child means that some things could be achieved at home that could never be achieved in the environment of a classroom! We’re a reputed brand in the field of tuition education with thousands (yes thousands!) of reputable tutors for you to choose from, dedicated to provide affordable tuition at the snap of the finger, bundling convenience and efficiency all in one!

Still not convinced? Here are 3 reasons why in this day and age, primary school tuition is deemed as a need, not an optional choice!

1. 100% Attention & A Conducive Learning Environment

Many students cannot learn well in a traditional classroom environment, especially so if your child is more easily distracted in the presence of other children are around. Instead of a traditional tuition centre, it is highly recommended to engage a home tutor instead. Furthermore, you and your child are not required to travel at all!

​2. Your Primary Child Will Form A Good Learning Habit From Young

As a working parent, it is inevitable that you may not have the time to personally inculcate in your child proper learning habits, and relevant skills such as time management to cope with their homework and school assignments. Furthermore, you may not be best equipped academically to help your child given how much the syllabus has changed over the years. A competent home tutor can help you in this regard, and so much more!

3. Your Child Will Gain A Competitive Edge.

It is a tall order for many children to keep up with their peers academically due to nature of education here in Singapore, and especially so when more and more students are engaging tutors. You will definitely want your child to have a competitive edge over their peers, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Every parent wants their child to succeed. Why shortchange your own child?

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