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The science of the very big, very small, and everything in between


Physics is an essential subject that helps us understand the structure of matter and the interactions between the elementary constituents of what we can observe. With the knowledge gained by studying physics, one can understand more about the macroscopic and sub-microscopic aspect of nature, including the nature of the once unknown electromagnetic, gravitational and nuclear force field. By discovering the comprehensive principles that govern our universe, phenomena can be explained or at least better understood.

It is a branch of the tree of science that helps to describe how nature works using the language of mathematics. It is the most fundamental of the experimental sciences that attempt to describe the behaviour of the smallest building blocks of matter, light, the Universe and everything in between. It is the branch of Science concerned with nature, and the properties of matter and energy.

Physics is highly regarded as the ‘king of all sciences’. It is the most beautiful, most elegant way of exploring the unknown world by the human race. Its highly abstract representation of nature is its most powerful tool to comprehend what is happening around us. Its perfect fusion of mathematics into its methodology makes it the most precise, exact and predictive science.

We live in technologically advanced age, but the average person relies on advanced technology without understanding how it works, as students can develop a ‘sense’ of wonder and curiosity about how things work. This motivation to learn is of paramount importance

Why is Physics daunting for many students?

Physics is one very common Science subject, but for those who are new to the subject such as secondary three students, learning about mechanics, light waves, heat radiation, electromagnetism and the structure of atoms can be a little daunting. It is comparable to learning a new language with a myriad of technical jargon and unknown symbols that inevitably, though intentionally inject fear in many students. Not to mention, it demands a deep understanding, technical comprehension, and a curious mind. These are the two main factors that discourage many students from studying physics.

Furthermore, if your child is weak in Mathematics, they will most probably struggle in Physics as well. This is because, in the MOE syllabus, the two subjects are intrinsically linked, with a lot of the mark weight in a Physics examination paper on the ability to calculate the correct velocity, voltage, and every physical quantity in between. The memorization of Physics formulas and a strong mathematical command can alone account for up to 50% of the marks, even if one's conceptual foundation may not be as strong. So for those weaker in Maths, they claim that physics can be much more fun if it is not so mathematical. However, since the essence of the subject lies with its logical way of thinking and reasoning, we need to embrace its mathematical beauty to fully appreciate and benefit from the subject.

The need for a personalized Physics tutor

For many parents, they are unable to help their child knowledge wise in answering their child's queries when it comes to Physics, largely because they have not studied it before, or the syllabus has changed significantly since they have studied it aeons ago. It makes sense to hire someone that is best suited to help your child, especially if your son or daughter is struggling with grasping the concepts, utilizing the wrong equations, or struggling to memorize the equations in the first place.

While it may be the first thought for many parents to enrol in a tuition centre, it may actually be more viable to hire a private home tutor that is specially catered to your child's strengths and weaknesses. Tuition centres mimic the classroom experience, thus your child may not get the individual undivided attention and consultation that he or she requires. Furthermore, a good home tutor can play to your child's strengths and find ways to make Physics fun and exciting for your child. And once your child has regained interest in a subject, that is half the battle won; the other half is hard work.

Overcoming mental barriers is the most important tactic in boosting scores for modern physics. However, confidence does not just come by. Your school tutor may be too busy to devote exclusively to you. What your school teacher is not able to do, our private tutor takes the job. With step by step guidance tailored to their child, you will realize that Physics is not the monster that you and your child had once perceived. With confidence, scoring in Physics becomes all that much easier.

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