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Reasons You Need A Singapore Maths Tutor

Although Math looks easy while your child is in Primary School, there are some who still find themselves lagging behind, Ever seen your son or daughter always drawing the wrong models and bar graphs, seemingly unable to comprehend the most simple concept they had learnt been taught? The fast pace of schooling here ultimately means that before your child can properly absorb the content, the teacher has already moved on to the next topic. Along the way, problem accumulates, and the problems get more difficult even before your child has had ample time to digest and practice. As they grow older, the challenge becomes greater and your child will eventually hate Maths.

Many parents are at a loss as to how to help their child. Have you tried every trick in the book to assist your child in his Mathematics, but to no avail? Be it the best math tuition centre in Singapore, or piles of assessment books for your child? Perhaps consider a private Math tutor for your child that can provide customized one to one tuition tailored to your son or daughter's specific needs. Think about it, quality private maths tutoring to your child, provided at your doorstep, enabling your child to receive the 1-to-1 attention that he/she truly needs and deserves, which is something unachievable in the classroom. Does this sound something you want and need for your child? If it does, read on!

Here are 3 reasons you’ll need maths tuition.

  • As per MOE's advise, Math forms the core foundation for Science and technical competency at higher levels. As such, there is a lot of emphases is placed on being competent and coherent in Mathematics.

  • For SEAB syllabus, students are required to take and pass mathematics. In O levels, a student might take A Math and E math which accounts for TWO subjects, placing a higher emphasis on the importance of Math in today's context.

  • Mathematics is a highly competitive subject. As it is seen as an 'easier' topic to score in for Science students, there is added pressure on students to score an A, as anything less will be deemed as not good enough. Coupled with the bell curve, where only a fixed number of students are to be given As for this subject, it is a fight to the top.

Why Doing Well In Math Is Important

Math is a very crucial subject for students in Singapore. Whilst also being compulsory from primary school all the way to the A-levels, it is also often a prerequisite for many of the courses in University, such as engineering, IT, or computing. Moreover, there is no escape from Mathematics, since the syllabus touted by MOE gives math intentional and evident importance. Singapore students are often ranked very high in terms of world rankings for mathematics, and this is largely due to the advanced mathematics curriculum in Singapore, not to mention a steady increase in the variety as well as the depth of topics covered in the curriculum. It has won praise from schools across the globe and has been the subject of envy for a while now.

Not to mention, Math is also extremely useful in day to day applications, such as handling transactions when paying for items, ensuring you get the correct change back when you pay for something or calculating and comparing prices when planning for overseas trips with your friends. Looking at a more professional front, complex mathematics algorithms are also used daily in the banking, engineering and accounting sectors. When students realize the critical importance of mathematics, they are more inclined to take it seriously and to ultimately do well in the subject.

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