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Reading between the lines

An unconquerable subject?

Literature deals with artistic work of writing and consists of poetry and essays. However, it has also managed to turn many students nutty as a fruitcake with its enormous syllabus. High-level of English and works of great authors, when you study literature, you take a screw. It is a subject of lengthy texts that involves a lot of reading between the lines. You have to get into the shoes of the author to interpret the text. Students have to give the central idea and critical analysis of the characters in the stories or poems.

Students are actually introduced to literature study at a young age of 13, and generally, literature study is relatively easy to understand at lower secondary school level, but students may find it challenging as they move to higher levels. Students with the below attributes would be able to excel better in literature study. Having a good grip over language is the first and foremost thing to secure good grades in literature study, especially when it comes to English literature.

At the upper secondary level, every student is required to take as least one or more humanities subjects in order to sit for their GCE O’levels. Students have a choice between geography, history or literature. No doubt, literature is the least picked out of the three. This is partly because of students’ interest but also because few students have the confidence to excel in it.

The worst part is that the for literature, different schools uses different text, in literature tuition the tutor has to revise and read through to fully understand the particular book or literary work in order to be able to tutor the student. Hence, the same set of notes cannot be used universally as in a way, every student from different schools will have a different “syllabus”.

Passage reading, summary making, precise writing, central theme and title suggestion are the familiar questions for a literature student. They can be the high scoring areas if a student is well versed with them. Therefore, a student needs to have comprehension skills and analytical approach to go through literature exam, not to mention, being well versed with literary terms like simile, metaphor, allegory, personification and meter may sound strange to them.

The effectiveness of a literature tutor

Literature teachers in school might not always be able to explain everything due to the time constraints and having too many students. Certain portions of the syllabus need long duration of classes to delve deeper into the story narrated by the author. If your child is not excellent in his or her command of the English language, it is very likely that they will face some difficulty in scoring As in their literature without literature tuition.

A good literature tutor will be able to deconstruct complex sentences, uncover hidden poetic meanings in literary texts, and teach your child strategic ways to answer exam questions, helping your child to get that A he or she deserves! They will be able to teach your child how to engage in interpretation, taking into account the political and culture context and history of the time to construct insights, ideas and interpret meanings. Under good literature tuition, your child will finally be able to apply the right literary theories essential to scoring As in each paper.

Our tutors help you to understand complex sentences, literary texts, classic literature, American literature, poetry, themes, criticism, personification, imagery, comprehension and other aspects of literature study. Besides that, they are able to help you in homework, assignments and exam preparation.

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