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The hardest stage of education at most Singaporeans's lives

Junior College (JC) is a two-year academic course that is certainly not an easy one. JC students face tremendous pressure because choosing to go down the A level path ultimately leads to only one destination; either enrol in a university. Else, your child will have to start looking for a job, or look for an alternative education option, (e.g. diploma). There is added pressure here, since A-level certificates holders won’t have much choices when it comes to career prospects. The goal here is very simple; make it to a university.

It is not uncommon for students' results to crash and burn when they enter JC, and along with it, their sanity and ability to cope with the stress induced. The level of difficulty is significantly higher than in Secondary school and majority of students simply find it excruciatingly difficult to cope with the increased workload.

Moreover, JC1 students have to cope with passing their mother tongue (should they have not taken it during their secondary education) and their Project Work (PW), which takes up a lot of their time. The first year of transitioning to a lecture and tutorial style of education is already being obstructed by additional commitments, be it CCAs or external projects. It is unreasonable to expect that all students will be able to make the transition easily without any negative impacts on their learning and education

If your child is struggling in their recent JC examinations and unable to keep up with the content, it might be time to seriously consider engaging a private tutor for your child.

Considering home tuition for your child?

If you’re considering having private JC tuition today, you have come to the right place. Here at Astar Tutors, provides free, personalised tutor-matching services. Whatever tuition needs or wants you require for your child, Astar Tutors is here to provide the very best that your child deserves. One to one home tuition, customizable lesson plans to evoke interest, and dedicated attention to your child means that some things could be achieved at home that could never be achieved in the environment of a classroom! We’re a reputed brand in the field of tuition education with thousands (yes thousands!) of reputable tutors for you to choose from, dedicated to provide affordable tuition at the snap of the finger, bundling convenience and efficiency all in one! We are committed find out your teen's needs, the main issue they face, and provide you with qualified tutors who are able to help your child succeed in any JC subject they are struggling in.

Indeed, there are plentiful options for JC tuition in Singapore, with many tuition centres scattered around the island. Having a private tutor dedicated to your teen has its advantages over a conventional tuition centre, not to mention it could also be a whole lot cheaper!

Apart from negating the need to travel to a tuition centre (since a home tutor will travel to your doorstep), the actual teaching and guidance your child receives from the JC teacher conducting the class is much less as compared to in a private tuition, where the your child can have undivided attention from the tutor, which is just not possible in a conventional classroom environment.

The difficulty of the A levels examination will increase year after year, there is no question about that. Concepts to grasp are getting more and more complex, with questions now focusing on real world application and requiring students to make thoughtful and mature judgments. What your child requires is not book loads of raw content shoved down your teen's throat, but is the skill is to analyse and work around problems, and correcting the methodology errors that your teen makes, regardless of subject. As such, it is highly recommended to engage a home tutor, and where better to start looking than at Astar Tutors!

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