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How the past shapes the future


Starting from secondary school, students are given the opportunity to learn the about historical events that help to shape the world as we know it today. An undeniable fact of it is that history is an integral part of our lives. We have so many stories that tell us about what happened in the past, which has provided us with new insights to rectify errors that had been previously made and take actions to improve our society by learning from those who had come before us. Maintaining a prosperous and thriving society in the present and future has a large part to do with considering the actions of the past, in order to learn, anticipate, and to create a brighter future.

There is also value in ensuring your child understand history from a young age so they can understand and gain a greater appreciation on the diverse cultural backgrounds, various leaderships style, and the different kinds of societies, as well as their issues, all around the globe. Not to mention it enables young minds to draw connections between present and past, understanding why society is formed in certain ways, and gain broader perspectives on other cultures. These are all valuable in helping your child to become a balanced, critical thinking, discerning, inquisitive, sympathetic and knowledgeable adult in the future.

Is it just pure memorising? That's why it's difficult?

Partially, yes; it can't be denied that history is a very complex humanities subject requiring students to memorise dates and events, not to mention requiring deep understanding and appreciation of the culture and history of various nations, whereby every small factor and detail contributes to both the cause and outcome of any historical event, be it political powers, greed and desire, etc.

Furthermore at higher levels (e.g. junior college) the ability to interpret sources and construct logical arguments and conclusions becomes and ever prevalent part of History and is vital to scoring. Many students struggle here as well, not ti mention that a strong command of the English language is required in order to from coherent arguments and construct a well-presented essay

The effectiveness of tuition in History

A good humanities tutor will greatly assist in teaching your child on how to correctly interpret data as well as history extracts, create meaningful and usable mind-maps, construct proper history essays with coherent points, and so much more. You should definitely consider in engaging in tuition for your child if he/she is struggling, as there is much value in personalised one to one coaching.

Not to mention that a competent tutor can interest your child in history itself, while also being able to understand and relate to the problem your children are facing in history. Be it weakness in a certain topic, inability to express one's ideas systematically, or inability to draw correct conclusions from data sources, a home tutor would go a long way in helping your child score for History.

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