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How the natural processes can shape modern world

First Exposure

In short, Geography is the study of the Earth and of the world we live in. The syllabus aims to introduce students to the whole sphere of human activity and how it affects the Earth, as well as how the landscape of our environment has shaped human civilization into the way it is today. Several key concepts include physical and human processes, interdependence, environmental and cultural diversity, space and place scale, covering a variety of topics such as deforestation, shortage of water, energy crisis, flooding, shortage of housing and traffic congestion. Studies revolve around physical and human phenomena happening on Earth, as well as about current socio-environmental issues that occur in different parts of the globe.

How a beautiful topic can become so difficult

Geography is a new subject introduced to students when they begin their secondary education. For many students, they initially struggle to grasp the subject as it appears dry and uninteresting, not to mention it requires quite a bit of memorization, and this aspect itself turns many young students away from a very beautiful and worthwhile topic to study. Not only that, but this humanities subject in particular can get quite conceptual in certain sub-topics, so student's are required to be competent in both fields in order to answer examinations questions correctly and effectively. This is a pity as it is actually a very interesting subject.

The sadness is that a large number of students view Geography as a burden. For instance, homework regarding geography can be lengthy and unfulfilling as it appears to be regurgitation of textbook materials that takes up quite a lot of time. Furthermore, case studies require students to analyse information and draw logical conclusions, which not all students are able to grasp the first time round.

As one decides to pursue geography while in junior college, the difficulty just gets harder, as they are required to have wide knowledge, a critical understanding of geographical theories. and an ability to interpret complicated sources of data, of which the relationship or correlation between two variable may not always be obvious. This includes being able to memorize large amounts of dull facts and having the writing skills and time management to present logical and clever arguments within a designated amount of time.

Is tuition for a humanities subject useful?

Definitely, yes! Geography students are required to understand concepts concisely, and some require a competent tutor to fully understand and to break down the explanation into bite sizes. Our tutors at Astar Tutors can assist to provide clear explanations and real-life examples to better aid students in their understanding of the topics.

Furthermore, the right tutor could make geography fun and engaging, reigniting the passion your teen once had that led to him or her choosing Geography in the first place. For quite a number of students, slipping grades can be attributed to a loss of interest. Interest in a subject is half the battle won; the other half is up to hard work and determination.

Sadly, a teacher may not always be able to explain everything with details, or to your teen's needs and specifications, given that teachers may not have the luxury of time or specialization to aid with your child in a classroom environment. In this regard, it makes sense to hire a private home tutor that can provide specialized one to one effective tuition at your very doorstep.

It is no shame to require supplementary help outside of school to help your teen bolster his or her understanding of Geography, as everyone has different strength and weaknesses, and everyone is running their own race. Not to mention that tuition could also aid in equipping your teen with research and gathering skills, analyzing abilities and useful knowledge about issues that affect the world we live in.

From the introduction of key geographical concepts such as scale, space, and place, to the more complex ones like physical and human processes, environmental and cultural diversity and the interdependence, we help in better understanding of the subject. Our home tutors provide your child with undivided attention, enabling him to understand the subject in a fun and interactive manner.

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