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The importance of English in this day and age

The Practical Usefulness of Being Good at English

English is arguably one of the most important subject in Singapore because it is the medium of communication of education. Many students struggle in other topics, such as Math and Science due to their weak foundation in English language. Moreover, being well versed in the English language will not only help your child in academically, but will be beneficial for a lifetime since better communication with their peers will ultimately lead to better options and aspects i their work as well as social lives.

Especially for students more inclined towards Arts and Humanities, e.g. Economics, Literature, History, having a strong command of the English language will give them a huge advantage in scoring in these areas. Looking forward, should your child make it to Junior College, they will have to take a compulsory subject called General Paper, which is basically English for JC level, whilst being much harder. It is one of the most challenging subjects to score an A in. Thus, if your child is not adept in English grammar or vocabulary, it is highly recommended to consider engaging an English tutor, especially when your child is still young, and mistakes are easier to correct as compared to later in life.

Why is English important in Singapore?

  • English is the main medium of communication in Singapore, as well as in many other nations across the globe.

  • English is a stepping stone to do well in other subjects e.g. Geography, Social Studies, etc. A poor understanding of the English language will ultimately negatively affect your child's other subjects due to a lack in comprehension.

  • English is a compulsory subject in the SEAB syallbus, so best to get it over and done with, once and for all, to the best of you and your child's ability.

How you can help your child?

Do not encourage Singlish at home, but acknowledge the usefulness of both variations of the language. Today’s generation, especially from the secondary level students, they have high exposure to the slang English, called Singlish. Avid users of internet and mobiles have become so habitual to this form of language that many teachers have started complaining about student assignments having Singlish content. As such, it is best to cultivate proper use of the English language at home from young, and once they have an understanding on how to properly utilize it, Singlish can be slowly incorporated into daily conversations, as and when required.

Definitely, having English tuition will also definitely help. There are variations like tuition centres, home tuition, or maybe even online tutoring for English. Whatever it is, be sure to talk to your child to gauge his needs and preferences, so that your hard-earned money spent on tuition will not be in vain.

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