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The Achilles' heel of today's younger generation

A prevalent problem in many households island-wide

Due to the increasing usage of English in our daily lives, as Singapore transits to ever more modern and globalized society, this has led to the dwindling usage of the Chinese language in many families. Though Chinese is still widely used, if the importance of Chinese is not ingrained into children from a young age, they may tend to lose interest and perform poorly, especially if Chinese is not the main language of communication in a household.

Imagine this, your child has stellar grades, is doing decently in school, but he/she just can't seem to buck up that Chinese from a D7 to a pass. Does this situation sound familiar? The time for action is now, as each day wasted is a day where your child is unable to better him, or herself.

The significance of Chinese in Singapore

Let us look at the Chinese idiom 饮水思源 [yǐn shuǐ sī yuán]. Essentially, it means that one should never forget where he came from and should never separate himself from his roots. It is the right thing to do to appreciate your ancestral roots and to embrace the Chinese heritage culture, just as one should not forget the source of the water that they drink from. In a deeper meaning, it implies gratitude for blessings, to be thankful and to repay the blessings you have received.

As shown above, Chinese is an extremely profound language. To quote this particular idiom, we as Singaporeans should not forget that our ancestors sailed all the way from China and worked their hats off in order to establish the great nation we have today. We cannot lose our identity as Asians and as the offspring of our Chinese ancestors. This is why Chinese tuition is becoming increasingly important, and Chinese remains a compulsory subject.

Closer to home, even though English is the main mode of communication in Singapore, on a practical level, much of our Singaporean population speak Mandarin Chinese. On a day-to-day basis, knowing Chinese will definitely come in handy in daily conversation, be it is ordering a bowl of noodles from the hawker centre, to talking with your Grab driver about current affairs. Bring proficient in the Chinese language also means that we can communicate well with the older generation, most of whom are not proficient in English, allowing us to experience an entirely new world through their words and stories that we may have never experienced before. Not to mention, many Singaporean teenagers do communicate verbally via the Chinese language, hence it is imperative to try your best as a parent to not let your son or daughter lose out. As the majority of the population is Chinese, lacking the ability to communicate with such a large group can certainly be a handicap.

Lose out without good Chinese tuition in Singapore

Globally, more than 1 in 5 people on Earth use Chinese as their native language. China, with a population of 1.3 billion, it has become the largest market and economy on this planet. Couple that with globalization, opportunities to work abroad and business partnerships with China are more than prevalent. Without a good understanding and use of the Chinese vocabulary, it potentially leaves your child at a great disadvantage. In a way, not having a proficient Chinese tutor to provide tuition for your child could inevitably result in shortchanging his or her future prospects. Bring proficient is Chinese is nearly an absolute must if one intends to do business or work internationally.

Chinese is one of the most difficult languages to get the hang of, hence teaching and learning Chinese has become a challenge in schools all across Singapore. The subject is compulsory (as so are other mother tongues), and it is also not possible to be excused from this language in Primary and Secondary level. Due to this, parents fall back to the idea of pursuing supplementary courses for their child in their fight to bolster their child's grades, namely tuition.

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