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Scoring is simply elementary, my dear

Chemistry is an indispensable part of Singapore education system

Chemistry in the Singapore education system follows the concept of ‘Helixical Curriculum’, whereby simpler concepts are taught at primary levels aim to stimulate in-depth knowledge at the higher levels, be it Secondary or JC level. New topics are also gradually introduced to students as they make progress in their understanding of Chemistry.

More than half of the students that go through the Singapore education system has taken chemistry in secondary school. It takes quite some effort to score in, with the MOE testing students on a wide range of skills, a perfect assortment of theory and practice in the mode of assessment, utilizing both examination papers to test student's understanding of theory, as well as School-Based Science Practical Assessment (SPA) to gauge students on their strengths of performing real-world experiments and forming logical conclusions.

In Singapore, Chemistry as a subject is introduced in the curriculum to make students aware of the importance of chemicals in day-to-day life. The aim ( is to draw the student’s attention towards:

  • The finite life of the world’s resources and hence the need for recycling and conservation.

  • Economic considerations in the chemical industry, such as the availability and cost of raw materials and energy.

  • The social, environmental, health and safety issues relating to the chemical industry.

  • The importance of chemicals in industry and in everyday life.

A field that can turn waste into gold

It is impossible to look at the world we have today and not be in awe of the place of Chemistry in our every day lives. Chemistry is everywhere around us, be it in medicine, clothing, or the food and water that you consume. It is commonly referred to as the 'Central Science' in large due to the fact that it acts as a link, connecting other sciences to each other.

Let us look at the effects of chemicals on the environment, namely, the fact that we are living in a 'Synthetic World'- The age of Synthetic Products. The demand for natural resources is at an all-time high and is set to grow even more, and scarcity has become an ever prevalent issue. This is where the use of chemistry can come into action and assist us to alleviate these real-world problems to find viable solutions. For instance, chemical processes give birth to various natural products artificially, the best example being plastics; they are used everywhere, from clothing to buildings. Another example of how chemistry can help is via biochemistry. For example, chemistry provides us with the knowledge that can be used to give plants the best nutrients to help them grow optimally and efficiently, providing us with the food and oxygen requirements.

So, is it a good idea to enrol my child in Chemistry tuition?

Short answer: yes! For many parents, they are unable to help their child knowledge wise in answering their child's queries when it comes to Chemistry, largely because they have not studied it before, or the syllabus has changed significantly since they have studied it aeons ago. It makes sense to hire someone that is best suited to help your child, especially if your son or daughter is struggling with grasping the concepts, forming relevant chemical equations, or struggling to memorise several key pointers.

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