Setting Goals For Your Child's Studies

Grade-based goals

This type of goal focuses on helping your child improve and reach key milestones in their studies. It could be improving their work on a project, a hard subject or test.

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How should grade-based goals look like?

When making grade-based goals, it should be easy to achieve and measure.

Here are some examples:

  • Score 90 on the next Math test

  • Improve from 70 to 80 before the next quarter

  • Get an A for the Science project

Habit-based goals

This type of goal focuses on changing your child’s activities and lifestyle. These goals can include helping your child break their bad habits and introduce new habits like creating study time.

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These goals work well with grade-based goals since it will improve your child’s study habits. It will also give your child the skills and techniques they need to change their lives and succeed.

How should habit-based goals look like?

These goals should be very specific and something that your child can achieve.

Here are some examples:

  • Take a few minutes after class to review class notes

  • Take notes during class

  • Contribute in class at least twice a day

Evaluating and achieving goals

Sometimes, it is not enough to fulfil small tasks to reach your goals. Time will be needed to reach these goals or something must change in your child’s life. Goals are also flexible and as parents, we must track their progress.

Revisit and readjust

Taking time to look back at your child’s goals will help you see if they are experiencing any problems and need aid. If there are problems, you can help your child discover ways to get past it. It could be revising the goals to make it more achievable.

Set new goals

When your child succeeds with one goal, do not stop your encouragement. Push them to think further and see where they can still improve. They will also look into what other goals they can push through. Of course, do not forget to celebrate when the goals have been met.

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