JC Or Poly?

Courses and Subjects

JC offers many different subjects and allows your child to do a mix and match of different subjects, for example, Bio, Chem, Math, Econs, GP, PW. All these subjects are very theoretical and less “applied” than Poly. What JC seeks to impart isn’t exactly real world skills, but to train your child to have an analytical and sharp mind by drilling your child on content and analysis. There is less project work and most of your child’s studying is done independently.

Poly has more specialised courses, instead of just Biology, they offer Biomedical Science, Biomedical Engineering etc. These courses are meant to give your child real world applicable skills so that your child can find a job in the relevant sector once your child graduate. Poly also offers internship opportunities for your child to boost his/her profile. There are lots of projects for him/her to work on too. Hence, there is more collaboration and teamwork needed in Poly.

What to study?

The JC route covers a broad range of academic subjects, allowing students to have a “taste” of different disciplines before having to make up their mind on a specialisation when they enter university. This is a huge boon to students who are not sure about what they want to do as a career.

However, some students have their eyes firmly on an end goal and polytechnic allows them to focus only on what they need for their chosen specialisation.

Also, the sheer number of courses on offer across the five polytechnics here has always been a point of pride for both the institutions and students. Want to learn how to concoct perfume or train elite athletes? Or learn to care for animals or stop major online security breaches? Well, the polytechnics offer courses specialising in all these interests and more.

But that does not mean that the A-Levels subjects JC students take are inferior. By focusing on scholastic skills, students may end up better prepared for the academic rigours of university.

Besides stalwarts such as computing, and theatre studies and drama, interesting new additions, such as English language and linguistics, and China studies in English, are now available.

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