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As large and diverse as life itself

What exactly is Biology?

Biology is an exciting science subject, that covers the makings of life, encompassing humans and plants and animals and microorganisms, and everything in between. With the continuous evolution of life sciences coupled with advances in biotechnology, there is an increasing prevalence and potential for careers related to biology and life sciences, such as: Biotechnology, Botany, Cell Biology, Conservation, Ecology, Genetics, Medicine, Pharmacology, Anatomy & more. In the Singaporean context, MOE has made Biology a compulsory subject from P3 all the way till Secondary 2. Students who find themselves interested in the subject can then choose to pursue higher levels of biology, all the way up till junior college levels.

The difficulty of Biology

For students who are naturally in awe at life around us and are interested to know more, Biology is a very pleasant experience since having interest in a particular topic is already half the battle won. However, there are quite a number or students who do not express interest, and even for those who are fond of biology, the large amount of information and processes required to be memorised can be a turn off for many students, making life harder. As compared to other sciences like Physics, it can seem to be more difficult, owing to the fact that biology by nature is more wordy. Biology is also one of the toughest topics for one to wrap their head around. After all, reading about cells formation, chemical reactions within organisms, and studying the composition of animals and greenery is not one for the faint hearted. Furthermore, whatever Biology that is being covered in SEAB's syllabus is very basic. Take a trip down wikipedia for any Biology sub-topic and you can realise immediate how mind-boggling, but also beautiful, biology can really be.

Does my child really need Biology tuition?

For many parents, they are unable to help their child knowledge wise in answering their child's queries when it comes to Physics, largely because they have not studied it before, or the syllabus has changed significantly since they have studied it eons ago. It makes sense to hire someone that is best suited to help your child, especially if your son or daughter is struggling with grasping the concepts, unable to visualise the processes ongoing in certain organisms, or struggling to memorise the processes in the first place. While it may be first thought for many parents to enrol in a tuition centre, it may actually be more viable to hire a private home tutor that is specially catered to your child's strengths and weaknesses. Tuition centres mimic the classroom experience, thus your child may not get the individual undivided attention and consultation that he or she requires. Furthermore, a good home tutor can play to your child's strengths, and find ways to make Biology fun and exciting for your child. And once your child has regained interest in a subject, that is half the battle won; the other half is hard work. If you have a child taking biology, it is a good idea to consider the prospect of engaging a private biology tutor. Mainly if:

  • Your child is interested in biology, but to no avail no matter how hard he or she tries, they just cannot seem to score or pull up their grades

  • Your child often complains about the excessive information and you can sense their fading passion for Biology.

  • Your child intends to pursue a career in biology-related fields such as Pharmacy or Medicine.

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