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Astar Tutors is unlike any other tuition platforms. I get to chat with the tutor directly before confirmation! That helped us find Ms Lee who has been an excellent tutor so far!

The experience is very different from normal tuition agencies. They have a wide range of tutors to choose from. It ultimately helped me find Si Qi who is very good and patient with my son. Thank you.

I found Ms Lim on Astar Tutors. She is a really dedicated tutor who spent extra hours to go through difficult concepts with me. Her teaching helped me improved from S to A in A Levels. Thank you!


Our services are completely free for parents and students. You are only required to pay for lessons conducted.

The first 3 hours lesson fees will be allocated to Astar Tutors as commission. This is deducted directly from the tutor’s fees.

The remaining lesson fees will be paid by you to the tutor directly. Our Tuition Coordinators will inform you of the payment details upon lesson confirmation.

The first lesson is a "getting to know" phase, where tutors will gauge your child’s interest in the subject, current level of proficiency, and spot areas of weakness.

From the second lesson onwards, tutors will be more prepared to conduct the lessons according to the student’s aptitude and syllabus.

The lessons will be conducted at your preferred location. It could be your home or any convenient public location.

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